Accommodation Type Price from Available 2018/19 Available 2019/20
Individual Rooms£117.50Sorry - Fully LetLimited AvailabilityContact Us
5 Bedroom Apartment£117.50Sorry - Fully LetLimited AvailabilityContact Us
4 Bedroom Apartment£117.50Sorry - Fully LetAvailableContact Us
3 Bedroom Apartment£120Sorry - Fully LetSorry - Fully LetContact Us
Standard Studio£135Sorry - Fully LetAvailableContact Us
2 Bedroom Apartment£137.50Sorry - Fully LetSorry - Fully LetContact Us
Deluxe Studio£145Sorry - Fully LetLimited AvailabilityContact Us

Deposit & Fees

Apartments deposit: £150 per person
Studios deposit: £300 per studio
Administration fees: £100* per person

*This is a charge which is made for taking up any references, and preparing and completing the tenancy agreement. It is non-refundable. It will not be paid back to you when the tenancy ends.